Winter is coming

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The day started in a different way than the past few weeks. Last week I attended a conference and during the week there were other activities and I guess I was just exhausted given that I didn’t rest at all after the event. Add to this, 2 assignments and other projects, and guess what winter is coming.

Today of all days, the temperature dropped significantly. It has been colder for the past 2 days but today was brutal for me, I woke up with no motivation, not ready at all to tackle the first day of the week, let alone the first week itself. Every Monday, I anticipate the good days and the bad days but here I was on my bed this morning contemplating not going to class, and just sleeping in. But then, something made me wake up.

Whenever I feel dull and unmotivated, I just visualize my perfect day, in the hope that it takes place. So I close my eyes and just see a nice cup of hot coffee on a desk, with me working on my assignments, being clearheaded about whatever I am doing and at that moment, I open my eyes and I feel ready to kickstart the day. I open my eyes only when the images in my head are very fulfilling to me, because that’s when I get motivated to kick the quilt out of my way.

I have other ways to get motivated to do things that I don’t want to do. For instance, I will watch videos which motivate me. Some would say that that’s procrastination, but I don’t watch the full video. I just watch a part of the video just to get me started. I even have a mental list of some videos just in case.

Sometimes, just thinking about that period of my life when I felt the most productive, and the most accomplished is enough for me to start on my to-dos. And other times, I just write about whatever is bothering me and that does it.

Other people have other peculiar ways of getting motivated to start the day, but these were my particular ways to get out of bed and start the day.


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