Being Grateful

We often take things and people in our life for granted. They are so much of a constant in our lives that we think that they are going to be here all our lives.

I always take the weather for granted wherever I am. If it is summer, I always crib about how it’s too hot and how I want it to be autumn. Then when autumn comes, I want it to be winter so that I can see snow, and celebrate Christmas and New Year. Finally when it’s winter I’ll be complaining about the cold and the lack of heater inside (here in China there is no heater in apartments especially in the one I’m staying), then I will desperately be wanting spring to come as soon as possible just to get a glimpse of the sun and tons of sun’s light. The cycle goes on like this.
As the saying goes “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, but, if you take care of the grass on your side and treat it with as much appreciation as you do to the grass on the other side, you will love your grass.

Another thing that I used to take for granted was food. Now I think that Mauritian food is the best in the world, because we have a blend of the world’s best foods.

When I was in Mauritius, I was very meticulous about my food; not that I am not fussy anymore, but I used to hate vegetables and homemade food. I loved and even adored fast foods like KFC, pizza and McDonald’s. Given the choice, then, I would have preferred to eat food from any fast food outlet rather than what my mum would make.

Nowadays, I crave for homemade food; Rice, lentils, green leafy vegetables, pickles, sautéed prawns. The mention of such foods makes me drool and make me want them more. It does not help that I search about videos of such food just before going to bed or even asking my sister to send me pictures of the food my Mum made or food that she made. I often tend to tell my sister to enjoy all the different types of foods, vegetables and seafood that she gets to eat in Mauritius because no matter what you say about being able to cook the same thing abroad, it is not the same.

I think that in this age of social media and advanced technology we have stopped enjoying and being thankful about the food that we have been given. Instead, we are guilty participants in showing off our foods to everyone else, playing on our phones during dinner instead of diligently eating our foods and enjoying the moment we have got. When we are on our phones while having lunch or dinner, we are depriving ourselves of enjoying the flavors and spices and celebrating them with our friends.

We have also stopped being grateful for small mercies that life provides us with; friends with whom we can joke around, and eat with, and family members who provide full support to our whimsical wishes.

I do not preach these things. In fact, I am guilty of many of the above things. However, I really would like to have a great meal with my friends or acquaintances without any of them being glued to their phone. It is a pity that nowadays, we can have a lot to say on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps, but when we have a table full of people, it is quiet and awkward.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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