via Daily Prompt: Clutch

She grabbed me and ran towards the restroom.

The decor was just like in a magazine, crisp, sophisticated and minimalist. The room was cozy while being simplistic. Maddy entered the room and everyone stopped whatever they were doing to look at her.

She was a beauty, a queen. She did as she pleased, was always herself despite what others said; that she was a bitch. I always liked to look at her, her sense of style, the way she holds herself, her head tilted just so slightly to show confidence and command respect and admiration from others. She has never been anything other than perfect.

I always used to think that it’s unbelievable that someone could be as perfect as her; nobody is, not even her. However, whatever she does, does not seem enacted or a pretense. She seems like a genuine person. I walked with her as she slithered across the room with a warm smile. She greeted everyone and then took the stairs to meet her lover halfway.

Nate was as sophisticated as Maddy was but he did not have the same genuine aura as her. He was like a snake, poisonous, vicious and crazy; crazy about her, obsessed even. He looked dapper in an Armani suit and Louboutin shoes. Maddy and Nate were simply two opposite people who were attracted to each other. Maddy probably truly loved him but I am not sure that he is the right person for such a kindred soul.

Nate moved towards Maddy and pecked her on the cheeks and Maddy blushed just as she always does. She took his arm and they both moved towards the center of the room; or did the people move to make them the center?

As the party went on, Nate and Maddy moved in opposite directions just like they always do but I am still accompanying Maddy. I cannot leave her. She has only me as her true best friend. Tiffany is just adornment and Channel was just a whiff of breeze. I was the person she confided her innermost secrets to.

The secrets which even Nate didn’t know, secrets which have remained hidden for so long that I wonder what will happen if someday someone would find out.

Just as I thought, 2 hours in and she needed me. Yves and Mac messed up again and as always she needed me to save the day.

She grabbed me and ran towards the restroom.

She quickly opened me and started rummaging in frantically for her setting powder to hide the scars which no one, not even Nate, has seen apart from me. They were ghastly and no amount of plastic surgery has been able to erase that part of her past which made her feel ashamed and angry with herself.

People think that I am useless but she thinks the world of me. I may be tiny but I am useful and loyal.


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