The Underdog

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Writing is the one I turn to when I’m feeling sad, happy or lonely. It is easy to write whatever I am feeling rather than voicing it out to somebody. This is mostly because sometimes, you just need to say whatever you are feeling to someone who will not judge you, who will not belittle you or rebuke you for what you are feeling.

For me, writing is not only a joy but also a therapy, just like cleaning. For many people cleaning is arduous and painstakingly hard, while for others, cleaning is a way to get rid of all frustration, to let go of some bad memories, and also to accept that you cannot change what has happened, and move on and forward.

Writing is a blessing for me. I, how to say it, am on the high-end of each side of the emotion spectrum. If anger is on one side of the spectrum and happiness is on the other side, then I am not in the middle but on the tips of either side. Nowadays I am more in control of my emotions and my feelings and writing continues to curb this frustration or irritation or whatever it is, that is bothering me with something beautiful and healing.

Reading also used to be (and continues to be) therapeutic for me. Whenever I would feel sad, or I would be upset, I would read something sad or upsetting, something which would make me relate to and would make me shed a few tears. The fact that I would be able to relate made me feel as if someone else understood what I was feeling as if someone else was feeling the same thing as if I was not alone in that situation.

Words are fascinating because they can be confusing. Words in one sentence could have many meanings, just as words voiced out in different tones can be interpreted as what people hear.

I have always thought that written works are sometimes underrated and are sometimes the underdogs. They are very much understated as to what their power is on people.

One example that I could give is that of the Harry Potter series. As a child and a teenager, I have read the whole series numerous times but I have also watched the whole series. While the series is much more convenient in terms of time taken, I prefer the novels, because they are more detailed and they give me the freedom to imagine the characters the way I want, the way my brain sees them according to what I read.

Many a time, I refuse to watch the movies (which are based on novels) before reading the novels they are based on because I would want to see them through my silly and creative (:P) brain first before watching another person’s interpretation.

I commend movie producers, director and writers (and others) of their input in making movies based on novels but I believe that their rendition (whether with special effects or good acting or not) are not as good as mine! 😛

Reading novels and writing (especially writing) is my boons and I prefer written words, which I find fascinating, rather than saying words.

Written works tend to be underestimated by others because people do not feel connected to everyone’s types of writing, or people are just scared because some works seem to be too relatable.

Writing is a form of art, which has rather lost its value in this age of social media. Despite being considered a millennial, I am wary of it (despite using it constantly). I use it because it is expected of me and I want to stay in the loop with my friends and I want to be a socially acceptable person. But how I wish, I could live far away in a hut in a forest surrounded by trees, and solitude and just keep writing, writing for fun, writing to amuse myself and others, writing to hide my pain, writing to show my happiness, just writing…


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