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I started sewing at a very young age. I had been inspired by my mother who was not a professional seamstress but used to make clothes for my sister and me. She used to make us matching outfits to wear at home, dresses to go out or traditional clothes to go to the temple. As a result, I used to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls with the cloth that remained. It didn’t bother my mother much since at least during that time my sister and I weren’t fighting.

My sister and I are very close but we used to have a lot of fights. I used to have scars that I introduced to my friends as battle scars all over my arms. We used to fight during the weekend and when I reached school on Monday, there would be scars on my arms as if I was a martyr, a soldier as if I was not the one to be blamed. I was the good girl just like all elder sisters are. All younger sisters are mischievous right?

I used to get so angry with her sometimes but our fights never lasted more than 12 hours. We could fight in the morning, but we would become best friends in the afternoon. Or we could fight at night and the next day we would behave as if nothing had happened.

I learnt sewing properly at school at the age of 12; by properly I mean with a curriculum and an instructor to teach me.  I learnt different types of embroidery, and I also made a skirt which turned out pretty successful for a newbie. That year I also learnt how to knit, well just a little.


Credits: Loggie

We had to knit a scarf. It was not to be counted in our final grades but I was excited to learn something new. So I bought a pair of needles. And I didn’t even have to buy yarn since my mother had those at home. I remember I used a pink coloured plot of wool and started knitting but I couldn’t finish it because there were exams and all and I promised myself that I would do it during the holidays but when I tried to complete my scarf during vacation, I had forgotten how to knit.

Knitting is thought as old people’s leisure activity but I think it is an art form that we should keep alive. As a financial mathematics student, I am interested in the application of theoretical mathematics to real-world problems. Mathematics is being used to answer some knitting problems while knitting is also being used to answer Mathematical questions. So instead of disappearing with our grand mothers, knitting is actually being modernized to suit youngsters and to increase their interest.

It’s just Tuesday, so keep working hard and Friday will be here soon!!


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