Gloomy Tuesday

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Today was an interesting day. It was partly cloudy in the morning, turned cloudy towards noon and rained lightly all afternoon and was again cloudy at night.

It started with the last lecture for portfolio risk management class. We got to know about the last assignment for this semester for which we are going to get 1 week to complete.

After the class, my friend and I went to have lunch. Lunch is always a chore for me. I think many other people will relate to this issue. So we finally decide where to have lunch. After lunch, the weather changed from cloudy to light rain, so we had to rush back to the library, where I tried to read some papers for my final year project.

At 3, I went for a meeting with my supervisor to discuss about my project. I was a bit stressed after the talk with my supervisor as the deadline for my interim report is in just one week.

I then had a meeting about a Christmas party that Rotaract Suzhou is organizing this year. We met with the Animal Welfare club at a coffee shop and it was a short and sweet but quite a productive meeting. After the meeting, my friends and I stayed back and we started talking about random stuff.

And I just noticed from a conversation with one of my male friends that sometimes girls are better at planning because we think of all possibilities and contingencies. I think that if we draw a graph of the way a girl thinks, it would be serpentine and curvy whereas the graph of the way a guy thinks (with a few exceptions) would be a straight one-way line.

After our normal weird conversations, we had dinner at McDonald’s, where we made jokes and tried to plan how we are going to spend our Christmas holidays.(I’m gonna spend my days in “studyland” if anyone wants to know)

I returned to the library to continue with reading more journals and papers while some of my friends returned to their dormitory.

Tuesday ended with some unfinished business which I am still trying to finish at the time I am writing this post(which is 11.29 p.m.).

Good night or Good morning wherever you are in the world!

加油 (jia you)- Fighting! Good luck!




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