Weekly photo challenge


It can be difficult to relax when you are stressed, but when you have such a beautiful view of trees, the lake, the canal and the top of buildings, you just have to take a look outside and the view calms you down.

It’s different for different people. For some, many buildings together make them feel suffocated, but for me, as long as there are trees or a symbol of Mother Nature around; trees, lakes, water, flowers, I feel calm. The buildings just bring a sense of reality to my life; that there are beautiful and pure things in life but you should not forget the ugly things, which seem all the more present when there are good things around.

The view is more beautiful and soothing when the sun is setting down or when it is partly cloudy, just like today. The view of the lake is almost foggy and some buildings seem as if they have almost disappeared.

Now that we are nearing winter, the sun is more impatient to leave before the moon comes. 4 in the afternoon seems like 6. But I like the greyish weather. I feel as if the weather is sulking with the sun because even it does not want winter to come. It’s scared of what the winter will bring, snow, rain, dropping temperatures. The sun tries as hard as it can but its rays are not powerful enough to warm us through, but it tries and it tries as hard as it can.

I think that’s the message winter is giving us. It’s going to be hard, but do your best and you will see the results in spring.



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