People and I

Don’t you feel sometimes as if you are being watched, as if you are under someone’s scrutiny, as if you are in a zoo?

Some people are good, some are bad, some have integrity, and some are hypocrites. Some are also gossipmongers. I hate the latter because they are a combination of all the bad values combined in one tiny little brain.

I have recently had 2 encounters when I felt weirded out by people who were strangers but they still knew many things about me, How did they know? Are they the big brother? Are they spying on me? Am I a celebrity? Am I on the Bigg Boss show (the Indian big brother)?

People are on their best behavior; wear their best clothes and their best expressions when they meet someone for the first time. The smile is the best costume anyone can wear when they are meeting someone. It is the rule of the society to show warmth and welcome, even when you are in a bad mood and feeling cold.

I have a smile on my face whenever I say “hi” or “hello” or “good morning” to someone. But there are days when you are cranky, in a bad mood, and then it is difficult to put up a smile for someone else, but you try anyway. And there are other days when you feel good about yourself, but then you see someone and you know that you have to be polite and smile, but you cannot because you are a good person and you cannot fake a smile for a hypocritical person.

Normally, I don’t give these people any importance in my life, but I guess I was already stressed about my assignments and project, and so I felt angry and frustrated. The more I try to fit in the society, the more reasons the society gives me to be myself and stay away from people who fit very well in the society but who are otherwise immoral and bad liars.

To tell you honestly, there was a time I used to judge people at one glance, I used to put people in molds that I thought fit them correctly. I would also be influenced by others’ opinions. I have a mind of my own now, which is clean of all bad nonsensical things that I had learned over the years and it is filling up with some better nonsense.

Now, I have understood that everyone has a story, but not everyone will tell you their story on their first meeting with you. You have to spend time with them. You have to be friends with them. You have to get to know them until one day when they think that you have earned their trust and then they will open up to you.

That’s it. We have reached the end of the week and the beginning of the month!!!

Sorry if this seems like a negative post, it’s not. I just want us to share more love than hate around us. Love yourself; love your friends and family. You do not need to badmouth someone else to feel good about yourself!






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