December is here!!!!

The ground sparkled with golden and copper coloured  flowers, the skies with silver clouds  and the air with white fog.

Dressed in a warm coat, thick jeans, and a scarf, I was ready to battle the cold. It’s still the beginning of December and just thinking about my assignments and exams makes me feel as if December is already over.

The good thing about this month is the air of festivities that starts to reign everywhere, at the university, in coffee shops, in the restaurants, and even in the buses (the heater are on! yay!). The coffee shop I always go to has Christmas carols playing all day long, there are special drinks and there are Christmas decorations everywhere in the shop.

This month just tells us that time flies and we are becoming older. We should just create opportunities for next year. Let’s finish the year focused! 

I feel that December is going to be a great month!


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