The last two weeks  have been hellishly sweet, frantically trying, and vomittingly beautiful.

The first week I was engulfed by a wave of assignments and reports. And as soon as I finished the assignments (which was Sunday last), it was as if fate was jealous of my happiness and decided to fuck with it, twice, but in a good way.

This week has been short, to say the least. I can say with no shame that I did nothing during the first few days of the week. I was assailed by a volcano which erupted from my mouth, with debris of my food, and lava of my dinner. Everything that went in my stomach was processed by some of my organs and then delivered with an eruption and a splash in the bathroom sink. Sunday night going into Monday morning was a ride of bumps and throwing up. There was very little sleep, no food, only biscuits which tended to project out of my mouth as soon as I started dozing off.

Monday morning, I didn’t eat anything so that I don’t get the urge to puke. I drank some ORS solution which is what I used to do at home when I couldn’t eat anything solid and drank some warm water too. However, as soon as I started getting ready for university, I vomitted everything that I had eaten from the morning, that is, the ORS that I had drunk.

Since I couldn’t eat, my body went into sleep mode. So I put on episodes of Sherlock and watched them to sleep until my flat-mate came back.

She brought me bread which was the only thing I was supposed to eat and which would not make me want to throw up. I was in tears (in my mind) to see the bread. It was as if bread was the air I could breathe in again. And given that she can speak better Chinese than I can(I dabble in Chinese) she went to the drug store and bought medicine for me (Thank you 😭😘)

Then the next day I stayed in, ate my bread, took my medicines and had a marathon of 4 hours of sleep over 5.

On Wednesday I woke up and I felt better despite a little weakness and since I had a final review class, I decided to go to class. And lo and behold, disaster number 2 strikes me.

I got my periods. And if anyone knows me, and now you’ll know too, I have painful menses the first and second day of my cycle. Sometimes, I can bear the pain, I should just not move from one position and sometimes I feel a heart attack coming from the excruciating pain from my womb and my lower back.

I went to class but could not bear the pain. So, I stayed until the end of the class, had lunch and then went back to my apartment.

I again slept in until late, very late.

The days I was sick actually taught me some very important lessons. First, moms are always right. I remember how my mother used to tell me (and still tells me) to eat my meals on time, and not to forget to eat fruits.  Second, I realised that human beings need others of its kind to live but sometimes it’s okay to take a break and breathe and spend some alone time with yourself without the constant chattering of friends, and the nonstop buzzing of notifications on the phone.

Thursday was the best and worst day at the same time, best because I could finally start on my revisions and whatever I had on my schedule and worst because I realised I still have something else to plan and organise for.

This Saturday, the Rotaract Club of Suzhou (of which I am a member) is organising its annual Christmas party and guess what there are a lot of things to do. If you are in Suzhou, China, and wish to join, you are most welcome. Otherwise, watch out for the post on how it went and pictures of course!

I will be posting more regularly next week.

Be safe, eat well, take care and best wishes for the holidays

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