Review time

We are nearing the end of December and as such, it’s time for a little review of some of my posts.

Many times there are posts which I think I have written quite well but they don’t receive much traffic and then there are others which are not exceptionally well-written but people read them and like them just like serene. For this post, I think it was very well received because I had linked it to 2 pages and hence it received more traffic than usual.

The post that I wanted to do well but didn’t was clutch which did not receive as much traffic as I would like. It was something quite different than what I usually wrote and I think that I was looking for validation from other bloggers because I wanted to know whether it’s good or bad and whether I should just leave stories alone and concentrate on what I normally do; writing about my daily life and the way I see life. For the first time I had written from the point of view of and as an inanimate object, and I was apprehensive about it. But then, my friend told me that she loved it and this was more than enough approval.

My favourite post this year though was The Underdog. It was also one of the few posts that I wrote that was not intended to have this length and this message when I first started writing it. It was miraculous to me that it did quite well.

Many times, I know what I want to write, or I know how I want it to start and I write the sentences and the content as I go about it. Sometimes though, I just have a thought and I start writing and later I will move around sentences, paragraphs to make the post sound more like the one thought I had in the beginning. And this was how The underdog happened.

The end of December is near but I don’t feel ready to face the new year. I already feel different than how I was at the beginning of 2017 and I am scared to venture in next year because I am afraid of change.

2017 seemed so long and interminable, with so many up and downs. I just hope that 2018 is a calmer year but just as this thought comes to my mind, I already know that it is an impossible thought. I just know that the first half of 2018 is going to be hard, painful but I sincerely wish that it is more enjoyable than this year.

Anyways, revision mode is on. Happy holidays and have a nice day!



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