Time to cherish

I find it difficult to keep in contact with people I meet and friends I make unless they approach me. That was why I surprised myself when  I asked a friend for coffee on Christmas day.

I bought a hazelnut latte and he had a Frappuccino. Fun story about Starbucks, whenever I go to Starbucks for coffee, they never ask me for my name, and they always write ‘Miss XL’ on my cup. I feel rather upset when they don’t ask me my name. Once though, I asked the cashier if I could write my name on the cup and he let me but other than that one time, I never have my name on my cup. Anyway, so I had met this friend while volunteering for AIESEC in February 2017, and I met him on several other occasions on campus but we did not hang out for long. So, yesterday when I sent him a message for Christmas, I also asked him out for coffee and we had a great time, talking about whatever we are doing and whatever is going on, and about our plans for the winter holidays.

I even invited him to have dinner with me and my friend, to which he agreed. We went to an Indian restaurant (I love Indian food) and it was a great time to catch up. It can be quite difficult to meet during the semester because of classes and the different activities that we do, so holiday time is a time to cherish friendships, especially when you are away from your family and home.

No matter where you are in the world, Christmas should be celebrated. Take some time off, have dinner with family and friends, and spend time with your closed ones. It is a time to strengthen the relationships that matter the most to you.




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