I have serious reservations about durian.

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For all those who don’t know what durian is; durian is a fruit, which physically looks like a porcupine to me; it is roundish, and has spikes all over its “physical body”. Durian is said to be originated from the region of Borneo and Sumatra. It is said to be native of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia and it is used in many dishes like pizza, ice creams, cakes, Malay candies, milkshakes, cappuccino, and tofu in the South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. It is notorious for its bad smell, though a small number of people love the smell and the taste of the fruit. Smithsonian.com clearly explains why it smells so bad. In the words of food writer Richard Sterling: “its odor is best described as…turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away.” Personally I had never heard of this fruit until I came to China, and when I did hear about it from friends, I was against the idea of ever tasting it.

Nowadays I am rethinking that decision. Life is too short not to taste such a harmless fruit. At most, I will have a bad breath. However, eating the raw fruit seems too disgusting; that’s why I want to try it maybe as an ice-cream flavor, or in a milkshake, in a tofu or in an egg tart. I am still debating on the food that I can avoid eating for the rest of my life. I don’t think that I am in the small minority who actually likes it. So I want to taste the fruit in a dish that I like the least and that I wouldn’t mind not eating ever. The current dish that I have decided on is egg tart.

Let me know if you have ever eaten durian and if you liked it. Did you like the smell or the taste? Which dish do you recommend me eating to taste the fruit?



  1. I tried this when I was in Sumatra (my partner declined). Our guide said it ‘smelled like hell but tasted like heaven’ well, he got one part right! I bought some chocolate with it in as a creamy filing and it was quite delightful, thought I can’t see it catching on in the UK market place!

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