Any Comments?

I was lost in my own world since the beginning of Christmas holidays and that made me clueless about what’s happening in the big bad world.

I used to be a debater (not a brilliant one though). I was in the English Debate Society in my first and second years at university and I used to know what was happening around me most of the time. I used to read the news every day, I used to be aware of what’s happening everywhere.

After I quit, I started reading less of news and more of fiction, thriller and romance books. I love books by Nicholas Spark, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steel among others. Then I stopped reading these and concentrated on reading books on productivity and personal development.

Lately, I have been reading blogs, and other than that I have been reviewing for my exams, which ended today, so YAY!!!


I thought that I would be excited when my exams would be over but I am not. I am surprisingly calm.

I thought it a good idea to read the news and get to know what the current affairs are in the world.

Not surprisingly, I felt disgusted and repulsed at ever reading anything on the news.

I read an article on Yahoo news about a fan moment of Tamera Mowry, from Sister, Sister, when she saw Mariah Carey on the red carpet. I scrolled down to read the comments – I love reading the comments; it’s a habit I picked up from watching YouTube videos (I always like to read the comments while watching/listening to the videos) – and the comments were so bad. They were about how Mariah is no longer popular, how they (the readers) don’t know who she is, but they were still trashing her. I was speechless.

I don’t see how the article was offensive to the readers. The comments were spewing negativity. I am of the opinion that if you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say anything. If you didn’t like something, then try to say it in the most non-judgmental and constructive way possible. If you appreciated something, say it however you want; effervescently or politely, or in any other way that will make your appreciation felt.

I have read other articles, some about a certain famous person not knowing the national anthem of their country but I don’t like to judge (I would not want to trump(et) it, you know who it is). And all I have been reading on the news show a different level of negativity and poison. They make me feel better being clueless about the world.

I rarely comment on what I read or watch. Sometimes I do have an opinion on the movies/ TV shows that I watch, about the books and articles that I read, but I rarely comment underneath and I rarely post anything about it. I show my appreciation about something I like by ✩ it or ❤ it or untitled.png it. And if I don’t like it, then I accept that I have a different opinion than the writer, but if I know that I will feel better discussing about it, I will. But I try to keep an open mind about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, be it right or wrong.

Now the real holidays begin for me. No classes until the end of February! Hopefully, I will be able to write better posts.






  1. After the ISIS, I think the comments section is the biggest war zone. I think people comment abusively because of their own insecurities – their inability to achieve what the OP/subject has. I feel sympathetic for them, draw a light sigh and move on.

    PS: This comment is no battle cry and the comments section of this lovely blogger is not a war zone! Peace!

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