Be kind

I literally fell on my ass and laughed about it.

Today was an entertaining day, to say the least. I stayed in bed for a long time before waking up. The early schedule of the last few weeks hasn’t worn off yet and I hope it stays the same because it allows me to do a lot more things, like tidy my room, or organise my closet, listen to some music, read some posts, write something, watch YouTube, surf Instagram and all of that before noon.

I walked to the supermarket near my apartment, and I surprised myself by walking without plugging in my earphones. I normally wear my earphones when I am walking alone because it seems weird if I don’t. I don’t know what to do with my senses. Today, I took in the sunlight which was soothing for such a cold day. I breathed in the air, motivated myself with positive words and walked one step at a time.

I met some friends at the mall. We walked around in Decathlon, just looking at the stuff. Then we entered the section where there were skateboards, scooters and other “toys”. One of my friends tried the scooter while I was enamoured by a skateboard. I of course immediately wanted to try it even though both my hands were busy holding shopping bags and I was a novice at skateboarding. And what happened was inevitable.

I tried skating with my body in disequilibrium, and though I missed slipping on the skateboard a few times, I continued trying. Also, I forgot to consider my clumsiness and bad luck while I continued to push my luck further. What had to happen, happened next. I lost equilibrium, slipped and fell hard on my butt on the concrete ground. I used my right hand to cushion the fall, but it did not help. My butt hurt a lot and the part near my thumb throbbed a lot. My friends hurried to help me but I was already up and laughing about my fall.

Every time, I do such a lame thing, I laugh about it. But it was not the case before. I used to feel embarrassed about myself. I used to be very self-conscious about how I walk, dress, talk, think and behave. Now I do like I want to. If I want to cry because I am hurt, I will. If I find my fall or any antics of mine funny, I will laugh about it. If I see something beautiful I will express my appreciation with excitement, cheers and loud noise. If I am angry about something, I will feel the anger and express it how I want.

However, what I have learnt is to be kind. Be kind to me and to other people. It takes a moment to make an impression on someone, so why not make a good one? Even if you are angry, don’t be cruel. It is one thing to let go of your anger but another to hurt someone else. Hurting someone else just because you are frustrated is not kind. Be considerate of your feelings first then consider other people’s feelings.

I also believe that we are human, that’s why we are kind and not the other way round. We are not kind to others to show that We are human beings.

We also went to the mall and the supermarket which are already decorated for the coming Chinese New Year.

Sunday is almost over in China. My plan for tonight is to watch the movie Inception. I have heard that it’s a good movie. Tomorrow, I start a new week of new adventure!


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