Short trips to the supermarket 

Earlier during the week, my flat mate and I decided to cook dinner. The weather was great for a day in winter. It was sunny; foggy in the morning but the fog disappeared as the sun came up brighter and shinier.

We were at the University during the day, removing our stuff from our lockers (next semester the Mathematical Sciences at XJTLU is moving to a new building and the former building will be assigned to another department, so we need to empty the lockers as we will be allocated new ones in the new building). We had some books with us and my flat mate had a package too. So I was carrying a backpack and my flat mate was carrying a handbag and a box.

We got on the bus at around 1.30 pm and reached the supermarket near our apartment at around 2. We put our bags in the lockers before entering the supermarket and started buying vegetables, frozen foods, water and other essentials.

We then headed to the cashiers to check out the groceries and then we realised that we had bought a lot of things. We were now in a dilemma. How will we carry all these stuff to our flat? We cannot take a taxi or über since our flat is a walking distance from the mall.

There are rickshaw types vehicles which we thought might take us home with our groceries but there were quite few around at that time. Luckily we found one but as we neared the vehicle, it was already gone, and we both were left with one bottle of 5 L of water,  a medium bag groceries,and  our own bags each. Oh and without forgetting my friend’s package and my bottles of detergent.

We decided to slowly but steadily head towards our apartment on foot. We didn’t anticipate the loophole that  we would have to stop every 50 m back home and that we would be stared at by people because of the number of bags we were carrying.

We didn’t know that we wouldn’t even be able to walk 50m until we were weathered down by the number of heavy bags that we had. We had to make around 4-5 stops and of course we were gawked at because we are 2 foreigners (actually my friend has Chinese parents and thus resembles Chinese but still, the locals are confused about she can talk to me in a foreign language) living and walking in a Chinese neighbourhood.

At one of the maybe 5 stops that we had to make

We  were finally able to reach home, tired but with all our stuff. Nobody tripped and fell. Nothing fell out of our bags. Our bags didn’t even explode with the number of things that there were and we didn’t even lose anything. So that went great.

The moral of this trip is that I should think and know my capabilities to carry stuff before buying or paying for them.

P.S This is not the first time that this happened to my friend and I. We once went to Auchan which is on the other side of our flat and it is also within walking distance, and we ended the same way. Some people (I) don’t learn from their mistakes 😉

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