A Note to You, Friends!

Yesterday I took a leap forward and published the first short story that I had written. It was also the first fictional story because previously I would always write about things inspired from my personal life or from movies that I had watched and books that I read. I also applied to be a co-author at Success Inpirers World, and I was accepted. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! That moment was one of my accomplishments this year. What a way to start the year!

I never thought that I could take writing seriously. Writing for me was an escape, a therapy and a hobby, but after yesterday, I feel more confident to take on the world of writing. I was also dubious about my writing, so I never thought of publishing it online for people to read (I took a long time to start the blog seriously so…).I was scared about how the response would be. It took me a whole year to sleep on this decision and finally post it.

I realised yesterday that now the night makes me forget my fears and makes me uninhibited and self-confident. The night used to be scary for me as when I was alone at night, all my vulnerabilities used come after me and chase away my optimism. The night was like a dementor; it sucked out all the happiness out of me and made me doubt myself even more. Last night though, I was decided and determined to take the chance of failing, and of making a mistake. In my head I was clear, I was publishing this and even if just a few people liked it, then it is a great achievement already. With “A Madeleine Moment” though, I achieved a lot more than numbers (1000+ views, 500+ visitors, and ~50 followers (WordPress and email)). Comments from readers and fellow bloggers, likes from fellow bloggers and friends were soothing for me. They gave me a new-found confidence to conquer writing and blogging. It makes me want to work harder than ever for this!



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