Being Agile?

I like reading other bloggers’ posts because they inspire me. I often think, how did they come up with that, or how have they thought to write it in this way. It’s not envy or jealousy, it’s admiration for the bloggers and writers, and hope that I will be able to write something which will make someone go Gosh, I wish I had thought of that first!

I recently read one of a fellow blogger’s post and I totally agree with her but I have certain reservations.

I often accommodate people’s ideas more than my own. I feel optimistic in situations involving a group of persons but when I am alone, I feel discomfited to route for myself. In a team, I will often put down my ideas because I will think that they are not good enough. I have a thousand ideas a minute but I will debate a lot to say one of those.

In that way I am very agile but I think being too agile is a problem too. There is a boundary line to control how far you are willing adapt yourself to certain situations and your goals. Sometimes you can change so much and bend so much that you may lose your goals from your sight or you may switch goals completely, which may not be a bad thing. Sometimes being a chameleon and continuously adapting to circumstances can change the way you see life, and can even bring you to a path that you had never considered. But sometimes, depending on the type of person that you are, being too flexible may make you lose yourself in a vortex of no return. It then takes a long time to recover from that experience and find your voice again.

I was in a vortex a few years ago. I was just following the herd, bending myself to the changes around me, being so flexible that I broke. I was too light to stand against the storm. I didn’t have roots that bound me. It took me a lot of time to find myself and understand the true meaning of being agile. And it is not ‘doormat’.





5 Replies to “Being Agile?”

  1. This is simply beautiful. We continue to learn more about ourselves and each other throughout time. You are agile, you are not a doormat. Do not ever feel you are, you are beautiful.

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