He (or she?) is here

I looked down
And groaned out loud
He is here

I can feel it
In my legs
My lower back
And my head

Splitting headaches
Lowering spirits
Cravings lasting hours

He is here
He makes his presence known
Just like every time
Opening the dams of the réservoir
Soiling my vestige

His feet hammering
The walls of my vagina
Then my lower back
Can’t do anything but
Lie down in one position
Until the storm passes

He shocks me every time he comes
Sometimes he is punctual
Sometimes he is late
But he always comes
He is a temporary lover for the month
But a permanent lover forever unless
You deceive him with someone else
And he is miffed with you for nine months
But he is easily persuaded to come back until
Your body repels him with ageing


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