If only… But I CAN

If only I could type as fast as I could think

If only I could print out the thoughts that I think

If only I could….

What about the things I can do?

I can reflect on my thoughts

I can write down bullet points of my thoughts

And organise them in different posts

I can be patient and wait

I can…

What about we don’t say “what if” or ” if only” and say ” I can”?

Let’s try to think about ways we CAN do things.

Of course, we CAN explore how we can manage our thoughts better. We CAN aim for the impossible, but for some people, aiming for the impossible may make them feel overwhelmed and tired.

I can also tell you that we can shoot for the moon and if we don’t reach the moon, we’ll at least lie among the stars, but I believe that we are already the stars of our lives. Let’s aim for the top of the tree so that even if we don’t get the topmost fruits, we’ll lie among the branches which will allow us to grip to reach some fruits to give us the energy to go for the best fruits. So let’s start slow and maybe in the future we CAN find it in us to dream the impossible and strive harder for it.

For now, I am taking it patient and slow because sometimes if you shoot before thinking, you can shoot the wrong target, and instead of landing on top of the tree or even among the branches, you can land in the mud, which can be difficult to get out of especially if it’s moving mud.

I found this sentence very thought-provoking when I was reading Agatha Christie’s Murder at the Vicarage.

One’s own troubles sharpen one’s eyes sometimes

Sometimes, we don’t see other people’s imperfections because we always see their perfect story from their appearance or social media. We put ourselves down because we think we are not as perfect as them. We want to be as good as them. We think that they lead the perfect lives. We don’t see their problems and their insecurities because we are busy looking at a projection of their person instead of the person himself. Once we get into trouble, there is a veil that is unfolded and we can see clearly and we see that people are not always as happy as they portray themselves to be. Sometimes they are sad, angry, depressed. Our own troubles give us the ability to see through people and be kind about it.

The horizon, even if it seems far away exists! It’s just so far away that we think that it’s a myth. There is not just a line separating the earth from the sky but a number of layers. Likewise, there are not just social media separating the true person from the real, but there are layers of emotions, and layers of factors.

I hope that this made sense!

See you soon with more posts! Have a great weekend!

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7 Replies to “If only… But I CAN”

  1. Agatha Christie, always a source of inspiration without the preachiness that comes from faux motivational gurus. She did it with fiction!! (referring to one of your other posts about lying; what else is fiction?)
    Your personal outlooks and opinions resonate, unlike professional word crafters writing to make a buck.
    Good thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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