A new first

I did not fall on my butt and bruise myself but I did fall on my hands and I did seem like a flag or a windmill or a penguin on the ice floor.

After a routine week, my friends, Yennie, Renata and Annabelle, and I decided to go to the Suzhou centre to visit it once again, but this time, we decided to go ice skating at the ice rink in the South part of the Suzhou centre.

Renata, Yennie and I took the bus to the metro station and from there on took the line 1 to get to the Suzhou centre (Annabelle would join us later). However, despite the fact that our destination was the ice rink in the South part of the mall, we took detours to many stores.

Our first victim was Victoria Secret! The store was found on level 1 of the shopping mall and was just at the entrance of the south part. The entrance smelled wonderful and you couldn’t help but get pulled in the store. The interior screamed luxury; photographs of the models, the colours hot pink and black and a tv screen projecting models in the brand’s creations stood apart.

We tried the sample perfumes and they smelled really good. One that I really liked was called Passion struck.

We moved to Vitoria Secret’s Pink and these were more my type of clothes, comfortable, and the fabric was so soft to the touch. My friend wanted to take a picture of me with the mannequin and here it is. Also, a photo in the mirror is compulsory, isn’t it?

We then graciously moved out of the store and went further to the mall to discover more stores. We wandered around and found a mirror-like object on the wall, with a camera and sensor above the mirror. It scans the face of the individuals and puts a random mask on their faces. We had to try 3 times before we were successful enough to get a picture by scanning the QR code on WeChat. It was all the cooler since it was free of charge.


We went to Sephora, which is of course heaven for girls.

We took photos on the escalator, with flowers, with the mannequins and the posters in the mall. In short, we were having fun.

We also found a gallery of Marilyn Monroe’s works but we didn’t enter because we already had planned to go ice skating so we just took a selfie and went in search of the ice rink.

There was also an exhibition of the Harley-Davidson motorbikes and we had our eyes full of the beauties.

After almost one and a half hour of window shopping, we finally reached our destination. We bought our tickets, and after a not-so-quick trip to the bathroom where we took bathroom selfies, we went to change into ice skates and went ice skating.

When I stood up after wearing my skates, I tried walking and I was okay. I thought oh well, how hard can it be, it should be fairly easy to skate on ice. Well, the instant I put my foot on the ice rink, I swallowed my previous words and grabbed the rail that was all around the rink in order not to fall.

My friend, Renata who could roller skate was quite confident on the ice, while my other friend, Yennie and I were scared of falling.

After a while though, I braved up and tried to move on the ice without any support and I was flailing all over the place. Renata helped me and coached me a bit and I was able to take a few steps forward without slipping.

There were a moment or two when I almost fell forward, but I cushioned my fall with my hands and that was when I realised the usefulness of the gloves that we were given when we bought the tickets. There was a part of the rink which was more slippery than the rest, and I, of course, avoided that part completely.

After a while, I located my 2 friends and were comparing notes about our first experiences.Renata found it fairly easy to glide. I found it okay to move about, while Yennie was still finding it hard to take a few steps.We finally found a lady called Anne, who gave us, beginners a few tips. We found it easier to move about without falling.

We had planned to skate from 3.30 pm to 5 pm but after less than 1 hour, we were tired.We were joined by Annabelle, and we returned the skates and made our way out of the ice rink. It was a new and beautiful experience. It was tiresome, hard, and sweaty. But it was worth it.


We went to Starbucks to relax after such an arduous experience. I had blackcurrant raspberry juice tea, while Ranata had a Mocha and Yennie had a hot chocolate. We talked, and chilled and then it was dinner time.


We walked for one hour in the mall until we found the restaurant that we were looking for; Miss Pancake. There were a lot of other restaurants whose entrance and decor was beautiful but they were either full or there wasn’t anything to our liking on their menu.

Miss Pancake has one of the best Western food that I have ever eaten in Suzhou and it is sooo good. There is another of these restaurants in Time Square, but here it is so much more luxurious and fancy.

We had an awesome night, eating, experiencing new activities, learning new stuff. There is an amazing view from the balconies of the mall. The interiors are as beautiful as the exteriors and it was an amazing night where we all had fun.

Sometimes you need to spend some time alone, and sometimes you need to have a night out with your friends and enjoy!


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