My bag as a black hole

I never manage to find anything I need or want, especially when I am in a hurry or I’m nervous.

Whether I have a bag or a purse, I always manage to fill it with receipts, tissue paper (It is a must when you are in China), hand sanitizers, hand cream, medicines(What if I fall sick?), and god knows what else.

My friends always say that my bag feels heavy to them. This is not just because my backpack itself is big (big but light), rather, it’s because I fill it with things that I may not need but that I think will be of help in the future. I have a small stock of medicines and band-aids, another stock of tissues, umbrella, water bottle, my chargers (phone and laptop), my power bank, my laptop of course (and my files, and stationery 😉 ), and nowadays, I carry a scarf, a pair of gloves and a hat in my bag because it’s very cold.


My bag or any other pocket that’s in my jacket is a bottomless pit. The pocket of my jacket always contains my student id, tissue paper, hand cream, earphones, keys, and sometimes my pen.

I always consider any pocket of mine or any of my belongings which serves the purpose of holding something as a black-hole. Here are some similarities that I have found between my pockets and a black hole:

They both pull matter (and energy for the black hole) into themselves. Anything that is in my hand goes straight in my pocket because I am quite careless as a human being and my belongings know as much about me. That’s why they act as magnets to whatever is in my hands and pull it in.

Black holes are small in size (small but powerful) just like my bag or pocket.

With no force to check gravity, a budding black hole shrinks to zero volume—at which point it is infinitely dense. With nothing inside my bag is as light as a feather, and my pocket shrinks.

Black holes pull matter and even energy into themselves—but no more so than other stars or cosmic objects of similar mass. My bag attracts whatever is in my hands. It is an unconscious effort on my part as I am always losing things otherwise I will misplace my things. So putting them in my pocket/bag help me stay “accountable” to myself.

Black holes can accrue limitless amounts of matter; they simply become even denser as their mass increases. My bag can contain a large amount of stuff, uncountable on the fingers of my hands and my toes.

(source of information )

That’s all folks!

Have a nice weekend!

My tiny snowman who had a very short lifespan taught me to enjoy life and the little presents that it offers while it lasts!




  1. Many thanks for making me feel less guilty about my everything “go” bag. I feel I must be prepared for every eventuality so my daily bag could also be used for weight training. A laptop, phone, Kindle, chargers and a power bank are a must. Medicine. Wet weather gear even if its sunny because if you see a cloud of any size you have ten minutes to suit up. A poncho because a rain suit is not enough. Sandals because shoes will be soaked either due to peripheral traffic splashing or unexpected flooding. Masks for air pollution. Tissues are vital. Hang a spare helmet off the backpack in case you have to pick up passengers. All of this is for Indonesia in towns or villages where motorbikes are the norm. Cars are pretty much useless because street infrastructure development ignores the width and length of cars. Predictability of arrival dictates motorbike travel to maneuver around car traffic jams. Many motorbikes do not have capability of carrying anything so a typical rider in Indonesia has a shape resembling a camel trying to sit up.
    I am sure that space demands material to fill it. I didn’t realize that just buying a smaller bag would not work. But, as your rule notes, the black hole just becomes denser as the mass increases (even if the handphone flashlight is on).

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    • You’re welcome. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that does that😊 I am often teased by my friends because of my overpreparedness. It can be a trouble sometimes when you need to walk for a long time and you carry a heavy bag but I have “saved lives” à lot of times due to my kits so I still carry them😁


  2. I remember that once I was in hurry and wasn’t able to find my science copy, I rushed and just went to school without it, I knew I was going to get scolded, over there, while I was checking my bag for miracle, my science copy was already in and then I remembered that I already kept it in bag in last night! nice post, well written!

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  3. What a wonderful blog! and I enjoyed this post. My wife carries a large bag to work with her everyday. I’m scared to even look in there! Ha!

    I’m glad I caught your attention. Now, I look f forward to your posts!

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