What is NOT the correct temperature to drink a hot beverage?

I have expressed my love for coffee and my subsequent breakup with it in my older posts.

However, I never wrote about reconciling with it.

I wrote this poem on a 15 minutes bus ride to university and a 10 minutes’ walk to the library.

Well, I sure disliked coffee for making me dizzy, nauseous and for the headaches and the trouble sleeping but I have come to like it again.

I guess, there is really a thin line between love and hate.

But, I think it was just the frequency with which I drank coffee that was the problem and not the coffee itself.

I also could not understand how people could study or work on a project or learn something in a coffee shop with the music coming from the speakers and with the distracting fragrance of freshly baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee.

Now, though, I have come to adopt this way of life. I am busy in the morning with my work at the library, and after lunch, I go to my favourite 85ºcafé coffee shop to have my daily dose of coffee, and to work on my writing and blog posts or my Final Year Project or any additional learning I want to do.

I was supposed to write about Tea and its history. This was what I started researching last week. I have all the links that I need but I don’t have the interest to write about it, not right now anyway. Instead, while scrolling on the Yahoo! homepage (because Google is banned in China),  I came across an article, which says that drinking a hot beverage above certain temperature can lead to cancer.

This article on yahoo immediately piqued my interest. I had previously (before my love and addiction to coffee) read another article from CNN about the consumption of hot beverages, which stated that there was some evidence from some studies in 1991 about coffee being a likely cause of cancer. Nevertheless, some recent studies, as also mentioned in the new article, by independent scientists show that on the contrary, cancer can reduce the risk of cancers of the liver and uterine endometrium for females. It’s the temperature at which you drink coffee or other beverages that put you at risk to cancer.

Drinking beverages at or above 149 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius) can cause cancer to develop in the esophagus, the IARC researchers wrote in their article, published June 15 in the journal The Lancet Oncology.

This article from collective wisdom further details the dangers of drinking boiling hot beverages, which include throat cancer, danger to young children and babies, elevated levels of lead in the body, dehydration, mouth burns and reduction of endurance capacity (especially for athletes).

Coffee is not the only drink that can reduce the risk of cancer. Some studies show that tea, especially green tea, can reduce oesophagal cancer but this benefit may be lost when consumed at very high temperatures.

There have been some very interesting results in the research of cancer. Anything that damages the throat cells, and esophagi, like alcohol, smoking and hot beverages causes the formation of throat cancer.

When cells in the esophagus are exposed to very hot beverages, it can injure cells and spur new tissue to be renewed, and that “might promote the proliferation of cells, [and] affect the cell environment and its inflammatory state, says Stern, one of the 23 scientists on the IARC ( International Agency for Research on Cancer) committee.

So if you want to consume a hot drink, let it cool down a little bit, or if you live in the Southern hemisphere or on a tropical island right now, have a cold drink instead of a hot one.

Here is a poem that I published for successinpirer.com if you are interested in more content.



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