An eventful start of the day

I woke up because I heard a dog barking. I tried to push the noise out of my mind, but then I jumped off my bed (remembering that I had somewhere important to get to), looked at the clock; It was 9.00 and I had an appointment at 10, so I rushed to the bathroom to get ready to go out.

Keys. Checked. Wallet. Checked. Phone. Checked. Okay after checking these things like I do everytime I leave the flat, I opened the door, and I saw a dog at the end of the corridor. For those who don’t know. I haven’t had great experiences with dogs and I have had nightmares about getting bitten by a dog. My cousin’s dog once chased after me but he was playful and energetic and was harmless, but still, I was scared of it. Anyway, back to our dog. When I saw it, it looked back, as if he was saying, Oh I see you alright, you wanna go out, don’t you? You are getting late, aren’t you? Well, let’s see how you can get away from me.

I closed the door and tried to keep calm. I kept telling myself that it’s going to be okay. I opened the door again, and this time, the dog which was black and white was at my door. I slammed the door on it. I was trembling. I tried calling my landlady who lives on the floor below me but she didn’t respond. She was at work I guess. I gathered courage and thought to myself Why are you crying like a baby? This is the real world, girl! You are strong and independent. You can deal with a measly little dog.

I tried to look through the peephole to locate my “aggressor” but I couldn’t see it. I slowly opened the door, inch by inch, and I saw a shadow, moving towards the door of my flat, on the floor. I slammed the door again and then tried to catch my breath. I sat on the couch trying to stay calm and positive, while also thinking that I should send a mail to my appointment telling him that I won’t be able to make it today, but I was too scared about the dog. I wanted to take it one thing at a time. It was still not yet 10.

I took my 2 bags. I had a backpack on my back and I had a shoulder-bag which contained ingredients and utensils for a cake that I was going to bake at my friends’ place later. There were a few plastic measuring cups. I took a cup which acted as my sword to protect me from the dog. I cautiously opened the door with the cup moving in front of me. I moved surreptitiously towards the stairs leading to the elevator. No dog in sight. I started to let go of the breath I was holding.

I still had the measuring cup gripped tightly in my hands. The ding of the elevator made me more alert. I was in attack mode. Luckily, there was no dog or human in it. I put the cup in my bag, entered the lift and finally opened my mailbox to send a mail to my appointment. It was 09.58. I had received a mail that my meeting was cancelled. I got out of the lift feeling relieved and pissed at myself at the same time.

I woke up several times before 9 because I can’t hear my alarms sometimes, so I have 10 alarms before the time I have to actually wake up. And when I woke up on one of those times, I thought of checking my emails, but I was too lazy. Then I thought, if I hadn’t woken up and rushed out, I wouldn’t have experienced this fear. My day would have been boring, same as every other day. It would have been forgotten in the blink of an eye. This incident makes the day stand out from other boring ones.

Oh and this is just the beginning. My day went in crescendo from then on.


11 Replies to “An eventful start of the day”

  1. It’s interesting…
    It reminds me of the time when I too feared dogs.. But then, my family adopted Tojo.. At first, I never gathered courage to touch him… But later, slowly, we became friends.. Infact, he loved me the most (and my bro too) in the entire family… And now, my fear of dogs has decreased to a great extend..๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah.. I’m sure…
        Earlier, I used to believe, that I’ll never be able to befriend dogs (after some horrible experiences๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜ข).. Now I love dogs soooo much.. Tbh I trust dogs more than humans, atleast they don’t fake love or cheat๐Ÿ˜‰.. โค

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