An eventful day with chocolate cake (EN)

Hello friends!

I have written my first post in French and I wanted to translate the whole thing in English on the same post, but I got a technical problem and then the post was published due to my clumsiness. But never mind, let’ s do this again!

So, this is not going to be a literal translation, but an almost-accurate one.

At 10 am, I headed to the university library where I am currently working on writing my Final Year Project.

At around 2, I left for the supermarket, where my friend met me. We bought a few ingredients that we needed to make a chocolate cake and headed to her apartment. I met my other friends there and after chatting for a bit, we started preparing the mixture for the chocolate cake.

Now, we are students and we don’t have professional utensils to make the batter. We don’t even have an oven for that matter. I had watched a few videos and I settled on this recipe which I found on an account called Emma’s Goodies. She baked a cake on the stove. I watched a lot of other videos on how to bake a cake using a rice cooker and I thought that was easier.

Below is the recipe in cups and grams of Emma’s Goodies.


It is a mess, isn’t it?

I prepared the batter and I poured everything into the rice cooker to be cooked. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, the rice cooker went from “cook” to “warm”. We thought that there might be something wrong with the rice cooker. So, we decided to try baking it on the stove just like Emma did. We needed two utensils of almost the same size, but we didn’t have same size pots. So we tried to experiment with 3 pots and the cake was baking. It was going well.

Then the water started to boil and it was all over the place. We turned the stove off and tried the rice cooker. Again.

The rice cooker would turn to warm from time to time, and it took us more than 1 hour to bake the cake, but when it was finally done. We were excited.

It was our first rice-cooker baked cake and it was quite pretty and good.
And of course, I had to model the cake. It was a piece of cake (comment 😂 below if you get the pun)


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