Evening thoughts

Sitting in the most fragrant place ever, inhaling the smell of pastry and coffee, I am trying to resume writing my Final Year Project while being continuously distracted by thoughts that I have been wanting to pen down.


Here I am for the second thing I wanted to share with you guys, as I told you in my previous post.

I have realised a lot of things during the past few weeks. A large part was due to the fact that I have managed to figure out how to have a balanced amount of alone time and friends time, which was very important for me.

Now, onto the thing, I have been wanting to tell you. I have realised that sometimes you need to have a blank brain for a few days in order to figure out things. I was very stressed about a lot of stuff, as you may have read in my previous posts. So, I stopped doing everything. I took 2 days off the social platforms apart from YouTube. I filled my head with episodes of Supergirl, movies, YouTube videos. I cooked, baked, cleaned and essentially tried in vain to organise and declutter the physical stuff so that the mess in my head could get away. I stayed in my flat because everywhere else was closed because of the new year. I isolated myself, communicating sometimes with a few friends and with my family through messages.

And it worked. On Monday, I felt a strange kind of calm that I had never felt before. I felt confident. I felt good about myself. I was starting to be true to myself and about myself.

Sometimes you need some time off the responsible stuff. You need a few days to yourself, explore your inner self and try to get to know what you can do on your own, what you like and what you want to do.

A third thing that I have just noticed about myself is that if you ask me a question like “What do you think about __________?” I will probably have no answer or I will probably say I don’t know, which will probably make me seem dumb.

However, if we are talking about something, then something you might say or that I might say may make me think about an important stuff that I had read or watched, which I wanted to share with someone. I will then bore you to hell about that, which in this case will make me seem irritating and a know-it-all.

Our thoughts are not standalone, they are intertwined with other ideas that we learn and study, that we see and observe, that we watch and absorb.

This is one poem that I had written for Success Inspirers World:

The mind is a canvas

Covered with a white cotton veil

The more you stay away from people

The less you see the potential

The more you connect with people

The more it gets watered

The more transparent it becomes

Showcasing the spider-woven web of thoughts, ideas and memories

All interlinked and interwoven.

Friday is already here! The weekend is one step away. And Monday will be here just as soon. I am impatient, nervous and excited to start the semester!

See you soon!

Have a great weekend ahead!



  1. Finally got time
    Couldn’t comment earlier
    I’m also going through the same situation ! Stressing out for no reason! Need some time off !
    And about the third thing of yours that’s exactly how I am ! I don’t have answers for how about and all but when I do have something to talk about nothing can stop me 😂😂
    Good luck for your semester

    And it got pretty long 🙄 I couldn’t stop myself

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heyyyyyy😊 Thank you for reading and commenting and I’m glad that you could relate. I’m always asking myself whether I’m the only one who does that or whether there are others like me too😁 and thank you for the luck, I really need it👍


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