Perspective – Which one do you choose?

Hello everyone,

This is based on a story that I am currently writing.

She built a castle,
They saw an eyesore;
She planted trees all around to protect herself,
They interpreted it as a barrier between them;
She let the door open for them,
They saw it as being haunted;
She built a golden gate,
They said she was a flaunter;
The alley to the main door was filled with polished pebbles,
They saw concrete and gravels;
The front yard was filled with a variety of roses,
All they found were thorns;
The castle was statuesque,
They thought it hollow;
The ceiling was white and pure like her heart,
All that mattered were tiles as black as their thoughts;
Their greedy eyes and bottomless stomach saw a feast,
All she found was loneliness in the room;
She was conversant with all the types of visitors that came,
But it hurt every time, again and again.

via Daily Prompt – Conversant

I hope that you enjoyed it.

See you next time.



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