The 2 modes of thinking

If you can’t find the answer to a question or a problem, no matter how hard you try, stop thinking about it and do something else.

Sometimes, the brain is conditioned to think in a certain way in focused thinking mode. You are following the same pattern to solve or answer the question. Hence, you are not looking at alternative methods to solve it.

Moving from the problem allows the mind to open the doors of another type of thinking.

You may have consciously moved on to another task, but your brain is still trying to solve the problem in diffused thinking mode. It is still trying to connect the dots and ideas in your brain to find the answer. Maybe the answer was in another part of the brain and diffused thinking allows the mind to shift its focus from the regular pattern to another path.

After your second task, get back to the first question you couldn’t finish and try again.

If you still can’t find an answer, take a break, go for a walk, relax your mind, have a coffee, chat with your friends and return back to the problem.

Your brain will find new and creative ways to solve it.

Whenever I can’t seem to focus on a task or a tutorial, I move to something that motivates me and then come back to the hard problem.

Otherwise, just like today, I go for a walk, have a coffee, turn off my phone and enjoy the Spring sun.

My mind is immediately energized and oiled and this motivates me to study.

It does not only apply to studies, it can be used in all walks of life.

Happy Monday!

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5 Replies to “The 2 modes of thinking”

  1. Great advice! I also swear by this strategy of first taking time off before going back to a difficult problem. You’re right, sometimes it just takes stepping away for a moment and then looking at the problem with fresh eyes to be able to see the answer (which has usually been staring us in the face all this time, haha). They say that when we give it a rest for a moment, we go through an “incubation” process in which we’re not actively thinking about the problem but incubate it in our mind, where other processes keep working until we later arrive at that “aha! moment.” 🙂

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