Wednesday – Hump day

Hello everyone,

It’s hump day and we are all, at the peak of the week, waiting for Thursday to come, and then there will be a landslide to the weekend.

The week is just like a children’s slide. We have to exert force and effort to climb the ladder, reach the top (Wednesday), and slide down to the bottom (the weekend). The journey to the peak is the hardest and seems so slow indeed, and the more fun part goes by so quickly.

But then, I think, it’s just the attitude that you show throughout that matter and that will make parts of the journey slow and boring or fun and fast. But why can’t it be slow and fast and fun and slow?

It can be if we put our mind to it. Be mindful about all the circumstances and situations you face. If you are facing a roadblock at the start of the week, take it all in, persevere and work hard. Time will fly by. When the fun part starts, go with the flow, enjoy the process, the moments and time will feel slow. It’s all about being mindful.

This week has been the resumption of my last semester and a meeting with one of my lecturers yesterday was very encouraging. She motivated me for the semester and enlightened me about life after graduation (maybe I’ll write about it in another post.)

I have been facing blocks in some articles that I have been writing. I start to write but I cannot know how to continue with it. I think, I just need some time. Let my thoughts about what I have written take a break and get clearer.

That’s all for the month of February! The next time I’ll post will be a new month.


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