A (na)analogy

A poem is a picture made of words. The author may want to say something through this form of art, but people may not always understand what he/she really means. It’s amazing how many perspectives can be drawn from a piece of work. The whole point of a poem may not reach everyone, but bits and pieces may linger in the reader’s mind.


I never really felt at ease
Without some garlic and some cheese
In the kitchen, in the restaurant
I always felt I was being stretched and squeezed

Did I try hard enough?
Was I nice and fluffy?
Did I conform to my origins,
To the niceties and the roughness
Of the hands that made me?

I have always wanted to fit in
Find somewhere to belong
But was I enough as I was
Doughy and floury?
Or did I need to add something?
Some butter, spice, some nuts or raisin

I have always wanted to belong
Not fit in or be a spoon for some side-kick
To those who didn’t really accept me for who I am
Awkwardly shaped and sized
To those who never really took the time to know me
Tanned or not
To those who just used me as a means
To taste new flavors and spicier trends

Is it just me or does it sound like what a naan(an unleavened flatbread) who was dark and funny would say?

Naans are delicious aren’t they? They are not just a support system to the curries, they are the foundation of the meal! Haha

Comment below your favourite type of naan,plain, garlic, cheese, …


Thanks for reading and I will give you an update of my current situation in the following days, so keep watching this site for more! 😉


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