Finding my rescue boat

I was in a haze
Created by the blaze
Of fire on the horizon

I was basking in the wave
Of emotions felt in the cave
Nested in a corner of the island

Looking through binoculars of darkness
Searching for the light of happiness
Awaiting the rescue boat from the unpredictable sea

Darkness enveloped me in his embrace
Never wanting to let me go of the lace
That connected me to it

The cold and harsh air slowly seeped on me
Knocking me to an apogee
And lifting me to the realm of unconsciousness

Seconds, minutes, hours and days went by
In the blink of an eye
The darkness taking over and bringing me to the edge

The demons of the sea taunted me to say bye
And to say “no” to the advice of the wise alumni
That had graduated from the exam of life

Sitting on the edge of the cliff
I understood the hieroglyph
That dawned from the skyline

That the boat was always here
That I was the puppeteer
Of what I want to see, feel and do in life
Because it’s MY life



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