Insta Poems

These are some poems that I’ve been writing and posting on instagram.

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From the crack in the door
A bright and effervescent light came in
Eroding the darkness he was in

A light so bright blinding him
But he still stared at the ray that mesmerised him

A gamut of sounds echoed in his virgin ears
Chirping, rustling, honking, swishing and swirling
So different from the nothingness he knew

Feet touching the ground surreptitiously
So soft and furry to the hard and prickly edges he was used to

Closing his eyes
Taking the wind in his hair
The warmth on his face
The leaves under his feet

He moved forward
Heart fluttering
Hands shaking
Eyes blinking
Going where his impatient mind and feet took him
With excitement, exhilaration, and fear

A new world was waiting for him

To be
To feel the wind
Breathe in the air
Closing the eyes to the darkness
Opening them to the light
Swimming against the waves of depression
Pulling away from the chains of anxiety

Paving the way towards the shore of dreams

To get in touch with reality


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