Perfection(3) – You are perfect!

This is the third and last part of the series “Perfection”. You can read Perfection(1) and Perfection(2) if you haven’t yet!

You are perfect!
With your acne and blemishes,
You are perfect!
With your scars and scares,
You are perfect!
With that extra body fat around your waist and thighs,
You are perfect!
With the best upward curve of your lips and the crinkles in your eyes,
You are perfect!
With the kindness that you hold
In your actions and words,
You are perfect!
In loving yourself and others,
You are perfect!
With the dent in your confidence and self-esteem,
You are perfect!
Just The Way You Are Right Now
You are perfect!

Each instance in your life is perfect
You remain perfect as you grow
Because you learn;
You learn that who you were 10 years ago
Was the best you could be Then
And the person you are Now
Is the best you can be Right Now

So enjoy your perfectness in each moment of your life!

That was my series of poems or thoughts or ramblings whatever name you would like to give it.

I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought about the whole series/each individual work! I appreciate any and all feedback 🙂

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