My gaze looks for yours,
In the garden full of flowers.
Thorns pricking my knees
Making me lower my gaze
For one instant

The same when you look for mine.

Your gaze looks for mine,
In the sea of bees
Looking just to pollinate your mind
Of temporary pleasures.

My eyes seek yours,
Already mesmerized
By an ethereal love
You perceive
Yet something’s amiss.
Or rather something’s finally right.

The wholesome smile
The crinkles around the eyes
The blush on your cheeks
The tilt of your head
The baritone of your laugh
That I’ll carry forth.

The honey I tasted
The nights I wasted
The morning afters
The hangovers
Made me regret
The choices I made
The chances I lost
The life I chased
The opportunities I failed


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