Head up closed eyes
at the wide sky
turning into pinks, reds, and oranges
a cloud of bars
passing in a Fibonacci-like sequence
just above me

Shrieks and laughs
children chasing pigeons
which landed for bits and pieces
of food on the grassy ground
beyond my line of sight

Barefoot and barely clad
walking frivolously
hair in the air
feet dug in the milky sand
carrying flip flops
men and women
smiling and jesting

Looking up
at colorful kites and flying balloons
tasting the salty air
laid back
feeling the sun
a good burn on my shoulders and face

The waves whispering
to each other
to the shoreline
and to me
communicating their angst
their agony and their sorrows
the trees waving to them
in recognition and empathy
to the outpour

Mossy, and gooey
something tickled my feet
moving up my legs
jerking my eyes open
breaking my mindfulness practice

Facing the cruel reality
the dirty waters
the noise of the propellers
the smell of the gasoline
the crankiness of the kids
the indifference of the parents
the plastic bottles
the sand erosion

The algae moved away
to tease and scare
other swimmers


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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