A day in the life of..

I wake up
feeling drained and on the edge
Feeling fingers poking at me
 Followed by being jostled by someone

I fall off the edge
getting hit on my head
I am instantly helped up
and forced to perform 
with low energy and bruises
and aches, all over my body

My view of my surroundings 
Went from a plain canvas
To bumps and curves
Lines and shapes
On the usual soil-colored terrain

Wingardium Leviosa
Off we go
And the view transforms
Combinations of
Red, Green, and Blue
soft curves and lines
so distinct from what I know
A feast for the lenses

A quick post on all the social media
And there's a change in coordinates
We start off slow and easy
We accelerated
An increase in number of steps
A swift rise in heart rate
I saw red

A few poking and banter continued 
with my friends
We had a few arguments
Things started to get heated
I sputtered and babbled
My cheeks got all hot
My brain could no longer process
all the accusations

I broke down and shut everyone out
A session with my therapist later
I came to life
And resolved all issues 

After an eventful, yet normal day
Exhausted and bleary-eyed
I went to bed
Without recharging 
Yet, grateful I was
For some respite

I lied down
Mindfully recalling
The memories of the day
This was a poem based on my view of a day in the life of a phone.

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