Propped against the rusty old chair…

Propped against the rusty old chair
I laid myself bare
In the throes of passion for hot sky
To the eyes of the passers-by

Clock ticking
Shoes tapping
Ropes skipping
Bees humming

The world stands still
Until the sound of a power drill
Or is it a rock band?
Far and deep in the woodland

My eyes oversea the lake
Frozen from dawn to daybreak
Hidden from the eyes of passers-by
Trawling for magpies

My ears catch on a squeal
"Oh my God, Lucille!" 
"Where have you been?"
I am all green

Chitter chattering
The girls zinging
Pitter Pattering
Feet klopp klopp klopping

Keys clanged
Severe reprimand
Silence ensued
It's just an interlude

Lightning crackled
Thunder rumbled
Frogs ribbited
My grip on the cup loosened

Plopping feet
Splashing puddles
Muddy kid
Dad huddles

I look on
As the place is withdrawn
From a bustling trash can
To a deserted bushland


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