Afternoon tea

Featured image by fotografierende from Pexels 
glasses sliding off my nose
skidding until the tip
the scent from my tea rose
more enjoyable with a sip

     moody weather
     feet on white feather
     sitting on leather
     looking at my rose wither

i close my eyes
thinking about the time
i made pies
covered with key lime

     clock chimes
     it's past tea time
     the wind chimes
     i smell wild thyme

an open window
i can see my neighbor
near my Caesalpinia Granadillo
ready to pick the fruits of my labor

     a dog barks
     the neighbor stops
     feeling the warm sparks
     from my woolen socks

chinaware clangs
it's my cat, Kismet
feeling the birth pangs 
in my kitchen cabinet

     time goes by fast
     now i am a mom of four
     a cats' mom enthusiast
     i name them Marty, Mittens and Milo


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