The night goes on…

I need to take a break
from the ache
that is building in my head
I need to go to bed

I keep tossing and turning
Burning and churning
from the arguments floating
in a vicious circle, gloating
voices boiling my insecurities
into a smoke of obscenities

The moonlight seeps through the curtains
spewing shadows of persons
on the plain and blank walls
resurrecting the calls
I received from the trip down memory lane
A lifelong bane

A motion show is aired
one that is impaired
by the negative thoughts
that are all in knots
tightened and sealed
into an unbreakable shield

I fear they are going to take over
turning me into a pushover
I fear they are going to take over
without a carryover
of my true self

I fear the pretty picture that I painted
will fall into a debris of taint
where trust is non-existent
where honesty is a fool's armor
where being curious is ridiculed
where nice people are to be waried

I open my eyes to the dark of the night
the moonlight bring in mosquitoes that bite
the pillows damp
my mind is revamped

I surrender to the voices
telling me to accept the choices
that I have made
tears cascade

Here is a poem that I wrote in response to a visual verse image: The Burden of Fakeness - Visual Verse

Happy Monday!


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