How can we do our bit against climate change?

Environment day is celebrated every year on the 5th June, but we can or in fact we must celebrate Environment day every day. I live in a small island off the east coast of Africa, called Mauritius. While we produce about 3.3 metrics tonne per capita, which seems quite low compared to other nations, we …


3 ways to nurture talents in the workplace

Reading time: 4 min 30 sec The industrial age and consumerism are said to have brought a cult of overworking. Over the past few years, we have been hearing a lot about how we need to stop 'glamourizing overworking'. Indeed we have been seeing many posts pointing out the long hours that employees put in, …

5 easy tips to work from home more productively

Working at home can be difficult. Many of us have been working home since the start of 2020 and while we had hoped that this virus would "go away" and things would return to normal in one year, we still see no deadline on the work from home situation. It is best, then, to learn …

Lies that we may believe/tell part 2 (superstitions)

If a black cat crosses your way It's bad luck If you walk under a ladder It's bad luck If you break a mirror It's bad luck Friday the 13th It's bad luck A four-leaf clover It's good luck I think that superstition can be one category of lies. Some superstitions are not really lies, …

What is NOT the correct temperature to drink a hot beverage?

I have expressed my love for coffee and my subsequent breakup with it in my older posts. However, I never wrote about reconciling with it. I wrote this poem on a 15 minutes bus ride to university and a 10 minutes’ walk to the library. Well, I sure disliked coffee for making me dizzy, nauseous …

White as snow

White is the colour of snow, the most beautiful thing I have seen this winter. This was the first time that I saw snow in real and touched it and played with it. There is no snow in Mauritius; it is a tropical island. It is pure and malleable. It hides the colour of the leaves making it seem like a blanket as if warming up the trees, rooftops, car roofs, and statues. However, it takes the colour of mud and becomes brown. It does not shy from change. It can be transformed into different shapes and sizes.

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