Wednesday – Hump day

Hello everyone, It's hump day and we are all, at the peak of the week, waiting for Thursday to come, and then there will be a landslide to the weekend. The week is just like a children's slide. We have to exert force and effort to climb the ladder, reach the top (Wednesday), and slide …


Be kind

I literally fell on my ass and laughed about it. Today was an entertaining day, to say the least. I stayed in bed for a long time before waking up. The early schedule of the last few weeks hasn't worn off yet and I hope it stays the same because it allows me to do …

Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness provides many benefits like greater focus, higher productivity, less stress and more happiness among others. Practicing mindfulness, that is, staying in the present is a lot like exercising self-control; avoiding thinking about that finance class when you are in a mathematics class, or enjoying dinner with your friends instead of thinking about that work …

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