The Journey of Nostalgia (1)

We texted We spoke The words we felt and held In our hearts and souls We kissed We told Our bodies and our hearts The sensations we felt The feelings we understood We travelled We explored Nature in its finesse The trees spoke My tresses flowed We ran We jumped Swooning under the moon Diving …


Insta Poems

These are some poems that I've been writing and posting on instagram. Follow me @Deepika.pydatallid From the crack in the door A bright and effervescent light came in Eroding the darkness he was in A light so bright blinding him But he still stared at the ray that mesmerised him A gamut of sounds echoed …

He (or she?) is here

I don't know whether it's male or female But I assume that it's male Because of the pain it gives Sometimes I feel so accustomed to the pain of the first few days That I miss him on the other days I miss how emotional he can make me feel 'cause on the other days of the month I can be a cold bitch

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